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Update 24 January 2017

A new experimental API in OData v4 format is now available in our API repository. The new API accesses the same data as the existing JSON format API. We intend to decommission the JSON API in April 2017.

About the APIs

We have created these experimental APIs to help us to understand the formats, metadata, and documentation you need.

Please try them out and give us your feedback to help us provide a service that meets customers’ needs.

What you'll see

Our experimental APIs are in OData and JSON formats, currently hosted on an Azure environment.

We’d like your feedback about:

  • whether the format and structure of the data meet your needs
  • the types of services or methods you would like to call
  • other data you’d like to access using APIs
  • whether the documentation was sufficient to enable you to use the APIs.

To provide feedback, click on the ‘Give feedback’ button above, or click on the ‘Feedback’ link in the Azure portal.

Data sources

The APIs provide access to copies of the data held in Infoshare. Please note, because these APIs are for testing purposes only at this stage, we will not be updating the data accessed by the APIs.

The following data is available via both APIs:


  • Electronic Card Transactions: August 2016
  • Annual Enterprise Survey: 2015 financial year (provisional)

Economic Indicators

  • Balance of Payments and International Investment Position: June 2016 quarter
  • Business Price Indexes: June 2016 quarter
  • Gross Domestic Product: June 2016 quarter
  • Productivity Statistics: 1978–2015
  • Regional Gross Domestic Product: Year ended March 2015

Government finance

  • Government Finance Statistics (Central Government): Year ended June 2015
  • Government Finance Statistics (Local Government): Year ended June 2015
  • Local Authority Statistics: June 2016 quarter
  • Local Authority Financial Statistics: Year ended June 2015

Income and work

  • Labour Market Statistics: June 2016 quarter (including Household Labour Force Survey data)

Industry sectors

  • Alcohol Available for Consumption: Year ended December 2015
  • Christchurch Retail Trade Indicator: June 2016 quarter
  • Economic Survey of Manufacturing: June 2016 quarter
  • Goods and Services Trade by Country: Year ended June 2016
  • Overseas Trade Indexes (Prices and Volumes): June 2016 quarter (provisional)
  • Retail Trade Survey: June 2016 quarter
  • Value of Building Work Put in Place: June 2016 quarter
  • Wholesale Trade Survey: June 2016 quarter

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An application programming interface (API) is software code that allows two software programs to communicate with each other without any user knowledge or intervention. It provides a software-to-software interface. Application or software developers use APIs to access data or information from different sources.

Updated 24 January 2017

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