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In Datafinder you can download geo-referenced data in spatial and non-spatial formats, and import it into a database. You can customise the data by defining the geographical area you’re interested in.

Currently available are the meshblock dataset from the 2013 Census of Population and Dwellings and geographic boundary data.

Datafinder is a new channel for data we normally release in downloadable CSV files through the Statistics NZ website. Customers told us they need to re-process the CSV files to make the data usable, so we’re exploring ways of providing easier access.

We’re working with technology partner Koordinates to provide Datafinder.

What you’ll see

In Datafinder you’ll see a list of datasets, and a map you can navigate to view your area of interest. Click on ‘Browse Data ’ in the left menu to see all data available. Click on a dataset name for information about the dataset. Click on the ‘+’ icon to view that data on the map, and click on the adjacent icon to download the data. Use the cropping tool above the map to define an area of interest.

We’d like your feedback about

  • The usefulness of this data service.
  • The functionality – did it work as you expected? Is there other functionality you’d like included?
  • Other data you’d like to access through this data service.

To give feedback, click on the ‘Give feedback’ button above, or use the comments function available for each dataset in Datafinder.

Data source

  • Spatial data is official annual geographic boundary data for 2013 and 2015.
  • Statistical data is from the 2013 Census of Population and Dwellings.

Data quality

  • The data provided is official data not test data.
  • Confidentiality rules have been applied to all statistical data, including randomly rounding to base 3. -999 indicates cells have been suppressed for confidentiality reasons.
  • The geographic boundary data contains embedded metadata in the ANZLIC standard.

Known issues


Release notes

Version 1. New datasets will continue to be added.

Terms of use

The Koordinates Cloud Terms of Use apply.

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