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Welcome to our new data visualisation tool that lets you take a closer look at the richness of data within the household living-costs price indexes (HLPIs), first launched in November 2016. 

The household living-costs price indexes (HLPIs) look at the inflation experienced by 13 different groups, including beneficiaries, Māori, superannuitants, and other groups of people who have varying income and spending patterns.

Stats NZ is often told that consumers price index inflation (CPI) does not reflect people's own experience of inflation. The new household living-costs price indexes are different from CPI. They aim to be more meaningful to individual households as they reflect the typical expenditure patterns of different groups in our society.

What you'll see

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Charts can be download in .pdf and .png formats. The data behind each chart can be downloaded in .csv format. If you’re data hungry, all the expenditure, inflation and facts data can be downloaded in bulk.

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Data source

Household Living-costs Price Indexes (HLPIs)

Data quality

To better understand the design of these series see the background paper.

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Content is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International. You are free to copy, distribute, and adapt, as long as you attribute the work to Stats NZ.

Published 6 October 2017


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