Iwi cultural well-being from Te Kupenga 2013

Project Description

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Iwi cultural well-being from Te Kupenga 2013 is an interactive data tool that looks at four cultural measures for all iwi with respondents in Te Kupenga 2013. The measures are:

  • te reo Māori proficiency

  • importance of involvement in Māori culture

  • visited ancestral marae in the last 12 months 

  • ease of getting help with Māori cultural practices.

We developed the tool to provide a high-level view of iwi cultural well-being.

What you’ll see

The interactive iwi tool lets you select the iwi and the measure you want information about. Results display on a graph. On a separate tab is the same information displayed in a table. You can select a different iwi and/or measure using the drop-down lists. The information automatically updates. You can also choose to see an iwi’s results side-by-side with results for the total Māori population. Graphs and tables can be downloaded.

Note: Only iwi with survey respondents in Te Kupenga (89 individual iwi) are included.

We’d like your feedback about

  • The usefulness of the tool – is this the right data for your needs?

  • The functionality – was it a good way to view the data? Did it work as you expected?

  • Are there any improvements we could make to the functionality?

  • Are there any other measures you would like to have seen in the tool?

Data source

Data in this tool comes from Te Kupenga 2013, Statistics New Zealand’s survey of Māori well-being.

Data quality

We are confident of the quality of the data we’ve used in this tool, but because the tool was created using a new technology for Statistics NZ (an app called Shiny) we’ve placed it on the innovation site. Based on customer feedback a version of this tool may be developed for the main Stats NZ website.

Note that most statistics in the tool were produced using a methodology called small domain estimation. We used this technique because most iwi did not have enough respondents in Te Kupenga to use our standard methodology. However, for eight of the iwi included in the tool, data was produced using our standard survey estimation methodology. We explain which technique we used for each iwi in the explanatory notes accompanying the iwi’s information.

See Iwi statistics using small domain estimation for more information about small domain estimation.

Known issues

Note: We’ll add to this list as we hear of other issues.

  • Some iwi are missing from the tool. Only iwi with respondents in Te Kupenga are included.

  • You may have problems printing the downloaded graphs (due to their size). Copy and paste into a Word document to fix this problem.

  • This App may not work with older web browsers
    (such as internet explorer 9 and below) or if you have a firewall that
    interferes with how the App operates.  To address this we’ve set up an
    alternative App at https://statisticsnz.shinyapps.io/tkpie/
    This version will run a little slower than the main app, but should work in a
    wider range of situations.

Project Details
  • Date:
    09 Mar 2016