Interactive map of new dwellings consented

Project Description

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This visualisation of new dwelling consents issued across New Zealand in the year ended June 2017 uses building consents issued data.

What you’ll see

This map shows where new dwellings were consented in the year ended June 2017.

Zoom in for more detail (by region, territorial authority area, area unit, and meshblock).

Click an area for the exact number of dwellings consented and a breakdown by dwelling type (such as houses, apartments, and retirement village units).

Search your address to see how many dwellings have been consented in your neighbourhood.

We’d like your feedback:

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  • What other information would you like displayed in this way?
  • Would you like the underlying data made available with the map?

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Data source

The data used in this map comes from Stats NZ’s building consents issued monthly release. For more information, see Building Consents Issued: June 2017 and Building Consents Issued – DataInfo+

Data quality

This data source reflects when a building consent was issued, but not necessarily that any building activity has begun in the location specified. It also does not reflect building activity that was consented in a previous time period and is still ongoing.

The accuracy of the location and type of building consent issued in any location is dependent on the information provided by applicants for building consents, and any editing undertaken by Stats NZ. Some building consent information will differ from that provided by local authorities directly.

Published 29 August 2017

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