Experimental non-wage labour cost indicators

Project Description

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We have been exploring the possibility of using administrative data to produce non-wage labour cost indicators after the discontinuation of the LCI all labour costs statistics.

See Public consultation on proposal to discontinue labour cost index non-wage statistics for details about the consultation.

We have produced an experimental series of indexes based on the non-wage labour costs per employee.

You can download the following:

We derived these experimental indexes by linking administrative data from the Inland Revenue with employment data from Statistics New Zealand’s Business Register.

We are publishing these experimental indexes to seek feedback from customers to understand the value for customers.

These experimental indexes are NOT official statistics. Rather, they are published as outputs to experiment with the admin data based series.

What you’ll see

You will see a table of five non-wage labour cost components; KiwiSaver employer contribution, Employer superannuation contribution tax, fringe benefit taxable value, fringe benefit tax paid, and average fringe benefit tax rate. The indexes span from the year ending June 2012 to the year ending June 2016. The industry and sector breakdown can be found in a machine readable CSV format.

Also attached is a detailed overview of these experimental indexes. It details exactly what these indexes are measuring and how they are determined.

We’d like your feedback about

  • the overall usefulness of the series and accompanying report
  • any suggestions for possible improvements to the method described
  • any other explanations for the observed trends
  • anything else you would like to see in future releases.

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Data source

  • Inland Revenue
  • Statistics New Zealand Business Register 

Published 1 November 2016

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