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Before Stats NZ can fully unleash the power of data, users need the capability and skills to use it effectively. This is where the Data Knowledge Centre comes in.

The Data Knowledge Centre is a web portal that you can use to access knowledge about government data, and the help and guidance needed on how best to use it.

The centre is a one-stop shop for users and producers of data.  It provides information on:

  • gateways to data – resources and links to statistical, economic, social, and natural resources
  • how to use data – resources to help you learn more about data methodology and history, and ways to use the data
  • tools and training courses – to help you make the most of the data
  • how to manage data – resources on standards, classifications, best practice, data governance, and the data life cycle.

We encourage you to use the Data Knowledge Centre and provide feedback to us on your experiences. Please tell us what you like and don’t like, any additional features you’d like it to have, and other content you’d like to see. These comments will be helpful in future development of the site.

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Published 27 July 2017

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