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Project Description

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Use the Business Performance Benchmarker (BPB) if you want to find key financial performance and benchmark statistics for business planning, or to compare your business against similar businesses.

We developed this tool to provide financial statistics for more industries than those covered by the Annual Enterprise Survey (AES). Use of this tool is free of charge.

Update 25 August 2017

An updated version of the BPB tool is now available. This update includes the latest data for the 2014, 2015 and 2016 financial years. We have also made a small number of changes to the tool to make the data more easily accessible and understandable.

The main changes are a keyword searching tool designed to help find the industry of interest. We have also added interquartile ranges for the benchmark ratios which you can now choose to display as percentages or ratios.

What you’ll see

Select the first tab if you want information about financial data and accuracy measures for a specific industry.

Select the second tab for benchmark ratios, which are available for some industries.

You can download data in CSV format for individual industries or all industries.

We’d like your feedback about:

  • whether the data meets your needs
  • any other information you would like to have in the data
  • your experience using the tool.

We aim to improve the tool based on the feedback we receive, and if customers are finding it useful. Let us know what you think by clicking on the ‘Give feedback’ button above.

Data sources

Statistics in this tool come from Statistics NZ’s Annual Enterprise Survey (AES), Inland Revenue, and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

Data quality

The AES statistics used in this tool do not go through our usual quality checks. To help you understand the accuracy of these estimates, we’ve included an indicator (under the first tab) based on sample errors for each industry, and the name of the industry included in our checks.

Known issues

Note: We’ll add to this list as we hear of other issues.

  • The tool may not work with older browsers (such as Internet Explorer 9 and below) or if a firewall interferes with how it operates.
  • The tool may not be fully functional on some mobile devices.

Page updated 25 August 2017

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