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The following initiatives have been archived:


Over the last six months Ariā has been showcased on the Innovation site. After hearing from users that Ariā 'is a really great tool', Classifications and Standards have migrated Ariā to Stats NZ’s main website.

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Experimental annual balance sheet

The experimental annual balance sheet initiative has now been superseded by the Annual Balance Sheet release: 2007-2015, released 31 March 2017. This is the first release of balance sheets for New Zealand providing estimates of assets, liabilities, and net worth held by NZ businesses, households, and government. Thank you to all who provided feedback during the development of the balance sheets.


There has been a fantastic response to Datafinder, with over 400 users currently registered on the site. The use of the Datafinder initiative has led to Datafinder becoming the primary source for unleashing statistical geospatial data.

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Experimental monthly filled jobs and monthly series of unadjusted job totals

We  archived the experimental monthly filled jobs and the monthly series of unadjusted job totals initiatives due to limited resources to continue producing and maintaining them, and limited interest from customers.

We published the first experimental monthly filled job series, with a publication lag of about 10 weeks, in April 2016 and the last one on 26 October 2016 when it covered the period December 2006 to July 2016.

As a result of feedback from visitors to the Innovation site, we published the more timely experimental monthly series of unadjusted job totals (with a publication lag of six weeks). It was last updated on 17 October 2016 when it covered the period April 1999 to August 2016.

Indicators dashboard

This prototype provided at-a-glance views of movements in, or levels of, key indicators. An indicator is a figure that measures the performance or well-being of a sector or topic. For example, GDP is an indicator of the health of the economy.

We will use what we have learned from this initiative to create a fresh product that will be available on our new website in due course.

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