Ariā is a concept-based classification management tool. Find information about concepts and classifications that underpin data, in an easy-to-use cloud-based tool.

Experimental non-wage labour cost indicators

View experimental indexes for non-wage labour costs.

Experimental annual balance sheet

See the source data we’re using to develop sector balance sheets, and give us your thoughts on methodology.

API initiative

Try our experimental APIs and help us understand the formats, metadata, and documentation you need.

Experimental population estimates from linked administrative data

View experimental population estimates for New Zealand derived from linked administrative data in the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI).

Business Performance Benchmarker

Find key performance measures and benchmarks to plan your business or compare it with similar businesses.

Experimental monthly filled jobs

View this experimental series measuring monthly labour market statistics. An experimental monthly series of unadjusted job totals is also available.

Iwi cultural well-being from Te Kupenga 2013

Find information about the cultural well-being of iwi who had survey respondents in Te Kupenga

Indicators Dashboard

View at a glance the movements in, or levels of, a range of key indicators.


Download geo-referenced data in spatial and non-spatial formats.

Social Investment Insights

View information about children and youth at higher risk of poor outcomes later in life, in tables and maps.