Two Statistics NZ teams are working on Accelerator projects to improve how we present our information to our customers. In the next six weeks, the teams aim to come up with minimum viable products (MVPs) as part of our programme of change.


The Accelerator projects are focusing on MPVs for configurable databases and accessible summaries based on topics and places - products some customers have told us they need. We know our information can be hard to find and use. So we want to work with our customers to figure out how to make our products better, and test and iterate until we come up with something great.


First up, we'll ask customers what they need, and use that to develop a prototype for each product. We'll then take the first versions of the prototypes back to customers to get feedback, and iterate our prototypes until we get to something good enough to persuade the organisation to develop.


We're keen to talk to people who use our data tools or summary information. If you'd like to help us learn how to make something great for these two products, please get in touch with the Information Centre