Producing information for smaller groups has long been a challenge for Statistics New Zealand. The size of our sample surveys means data we produce for smaller groups or domains is often too unreliable to publish.

This was a problem we encountered when producing data for iwi from the Te Kupenga survey of Māori well-being. Only eight out of the 89 iwi represented in the survey had enough people for us to provide direct estimates using our standard methodology. We knew we could do better than this, and that our customers needed us to do better.

We are committed to unleashing the power of data to change lives. Driven by this principle we used a method called small domain estimation to produce information for more iwi and to help get the most value out of the data for customers.

By combining Te Kupenga and census data using this method we were able to produce estimates for all the iwi with people in Te Kupenga – that’s a further 81 iwi!

Iwi cultural well-being from Te Kupenga 2013 is an interactive tool that looks at four cultural measures for all iwi with respondents in Te Kupenga. We hope it provides new insights into iwi cultural well-being, in an accessible and user-friendly format.

Check out the interactive tool and let us have your feedback. Would you like to see more of these initiatives?