Statistics Minister Craig Foss is welcoming a new website that enables New Zealanders to easily find and use government data. 

“Data that is, and will be, available from across government is incredibly valuable. The new Statistics NZ innovation website is about creating more opportunities for New Zealanders to find and benefit from information held by the Government,” Mr Foss says. 

“The website is a test bed for users to look at information, play with it and provide feedback on how it can be improved. 

“This feedback will tell us what datasets matter most to individuals and businesses.” 

The website launched today with three elements: 

  • Datafinder — a data service tool that allows users to find data within a small area, down to as little as 120 people.
  • Social Investment Insights — a data mapping application for the Government’s social investment work programme.
  • A prototype Indicators Dashboard. 

The Indicators Dashboard features 16 graphs, allowing users to see a range of figures at a glance. The graphs range from how many building consents were issued each month in the last decade to the unemployment rate. 

Social Investment Insights includes data on the risk factors that indicate children are likely to lead difficult lives.  The tool allows users to point and click to drill down into the data by location. 

“Statistics NZ and the Treasury developed this tool in partnership to make the complex data behind the Government’s social investment goals more easily accessible and understandable for all New Zealanders,” Mr Foss says. 

Statistics NZ’s new innovation website is available at: 

Media contact: Stephanie McKay 021 826 189