We would like to know what you think of our new data service – Datafinder. 

We are trialling Datafinder because more users are converting Statistics NZ’s data into geodatabase formats. Since we have data about places, we’d like you to be able to use that data to create your own maps, to display and analyse the data.  

Now you can access and download the data you want and in the format you need. 

This tool should save you time and effort, because we have prepared the data to be ready for your database – with the data tables linked to their geographic boundaries. 

Your feedback

We’d love your Datafinder feedback, so we know what data we should make available to you in future. 

So, what’s involved?

Select data you want from the available datasets, then select an area of the country you want the data limited to. Browse the content and metadata to see if it fits your purpose. 

Download the data in one of several available data formats and coordinate systems. Datafinder selects and projects the data for you and delivers it ready to go into your databases. 

And why this trial? 

We want to offer you a tool that is easier to use than the text files and Excel spreadsheets downloaded from NZ.Stat. We understand your frustration with manually manipulating files before you can use them in your own databases. We also want to save you the bother of removing our standard header and footer notes, changing overly long field names, and replacing the disclosure control codes with a numeric equivalent (those “..c” codes that mean the data for this area has been suppressed because it reveals in individuals’ data) .


Datafinder is a proof of concept for Statistics NZ, based on a platform used by the Ministry for the Environment, Landcare Research, and the LINZ Data Service.