After hearing from users that Ariā 'is a really great tool', we are excited to let you know we have migrated Ariā to Stats NZ’s main website.  

Ariā is a ground-breaking tool that unleashes concept and classification information in a way not seen before in the New Zealand data system. Accessible from the cloud, Ariā provides a simpler way to manage concepts and classifications.

Ariā introduces a philosophy of concept-based classification management, in a user-friendly browser-based system. You can use Ariā to understand more about the classifications, concepts, and standards that underpin data.

Ariā’s user-friendly functions make searching, saving, and downloading information easy. These functions were commended by users – 'I really love that you can customise the request before downloading the codelists. Great work.'

To further improve their experience, users would find Ariā even more helpful if their applications could download the latest codelists automatically, for example via an API. This is something we’ll be looking at in the future.

Go to Aria to check it out, and to find and download concepts, definitions, classifications, and concordances.