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Project Description

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This prototype provides at-a-glance views of movements in, or levels of, key indicators. An indicator is a figure that measures the performance or well-being of a sector or topic. For example, GDP is an indicator of the health of the economy.

Although this tool is aimed at larger businesses, we think it may appeal to a wider audience of users who are interested in high-level facts, figures, and trends.

What you’ll see

The first view of each indicator is a summary, with key figures and a graph showing recent movements. Click on an indicator to see more detail, and to customise the graph displayed. Use the star icon to add indicators to your dashboard – which is your customised collection of indicators. Indicators are clustered by topic.

We’d like your feedback about

  • The usefulness of the dashboard – if available, do you think you’d regularly use this tool?
  • The functionality – did it work as you expected? Is there other functionality you’d like included?
  • Other indicators you’d like included in the dashboard.

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Data source

Data in this tool comes from Statistics NZ.

Data quality

This prototype holds a snapshot of data from June 2015 and has not been updated since then.

Known issues

  • We have used a sample of indicators to develop this dashboard. We’ll add more indicators in the future.
  • The topics currently included are indicative only. We’ll be doing more work to confirm the actual topics we’ll use.
  • We’ll develop ‘Your dashboard’ further to make it more reliable, and allow you to save and share the dashboard you’ve customised.

Release notes

Version 1, last updated 20 October 2015.

Project Details
  • Date:
    01 Mar 2016