About this innovation site

We want to share with you our latest experiments with new ideas, products, and services. We need your feedback about our initiatives to find out what works for you. Sometimes it will be just what you wanted, but sometimes we’ll be on the wrong track – so tell us what you like and don't like. If what we do triggers ideas, share them with us. Together we can make things better.

This website is one way Statistics NZ will keep you up to date as we explore new ideas and develop, test, and refine our products and services. We’ll regularly share the initiatives we’re working on so you can try them out and give us your feedback.

Giving us feedback

Each initiative has a feedback form. Click on the button and fill in the form. You don’t have to include your name or email, but it’s really helpful to us to know which sector you identify with. We’ll keep your personal details secure and we won’t share them with other parties.

We’ll also improve the innovation site itself based on feedback, so let us know what you think by clicking on the Feedback link at the top right.

You can also provide feedback by commenting on our blog posts. We aim to publish all comments, whether positive or negative. However, we’ll remove any inappropriate comments.


The initiatives on this site are experimental. The data used here is not necessarily the latest available, and may be inaccurate. Please check the data quality statements in the initiative descriptions for more information. Site users are responsible for their own use of material on this website and may choose to undertake their own due diligence or risk analysis. 

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Copyright and terms of use


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